Construction characterized by outside the box thinking

The designs of new landmark constructions are pushing the envelope, with large and heavy components. These projects ask for an outside the box approach, expertise and an innovative asset base, to bring the manufactured constructions to the installation site.
Roll Group is happy to tackle these challenges. We always manage to meet the constructions goals in safety, planning and budgets.

Our dock vessels, as well as our fleet of Module Carriers with flush decks, are fully adaptable to the load. For example, rails and flat racks make it possible to transport complete assembled cranes. The three different loading methods – Ro/Ro, Flo/Flo, Lo/Lo – make us flexible in the order of loading and discharge.

Curious about the solutions we can offer to transport your heavy cargo?

Our solutions for the Civil / Construction industry:

Roll-Lift serves the sky

Ariane Portique Mobile

A construction of no less than 90 meters in height means many parts must be hoisted. That was the case in the realization of the Portique Mobile for the Ariane 6 launching platform in French Guiana, where Roll-Lift is responsible for all onsite lifting work. Roll-Lift allocated two 350 ton crawler cranes to the project, which were assembled with a 54 meter main boom and extended with a 66 meter luffer. A large number of lifting plans were necessary for each critical point in the construction process – especially for the first tandem lift. To install the bridge crane the lifting had to be done perfectly horizontally upwards, so a special piece of equipment was used resulting in lifting the bridge crane with a deviation of only 0.1 degrees.