Corporate Brochure

Adaptability is our promise. Discover the strength of RollDock and Roll-Lift.

RollDock Brochure

The benefits of our dock type vessels ensure that we can serve every industry.

Roll-Lift Brochure

Read how Roll-Lift takes responsibility and offers Factory to Foundation solutions.

BigRoll Brochure

Get more information on the MC-Class, especially designed to transport extreme modules.

Crane Leaflet MC-Class

Due to their specific  characteristics the vessels can relocate a wide variety of harbour cranes.

Superyachts Leaflet

Discover the opportunities of the RollDock multifunctional vessels for the superyacht industry.

BigRoll Biscay Specs

From length to ballast system. Find all technical specifications of the Bigroll Biscay vessel.

BigRoll Specifications

An overview of all technical specifications of the BigRoll Bering and BigRoll Beaufort.

RollDock vessels Specs

All technical specifications of the vessels within the RollDock / SAL Heavy Lift pool.