Naval authorities can
rely on discretion

Naval ships must be transported accurately and often with the necessary discretion. Roll Group have been the partner of choice for navy’s and naval ship builders to provide the logistical solutions for the worldwide transportation of valuable equipment, such as submarines, corvettes and fast missile craft.

Roll Group gained a lot of experience and knowledge over a large number of projects, working according to strict country rules. Each project is meticulously planned and handled with the utmost precision and care.

Our engineers are able to design custom made frames and saddles, which perfectly fit to the shape of the hulls. In combination with the Octopus motion monitoring system on board we remain the cargo accelerations within the set limits.

Our vessels are very suitable for the transport of naval cargos. The hatch covers can be closed to avoid prying eyes and inside the dock the cargoes can be provided with cooling water and power.

Curious about the solutions we can offer to transport your heavy cargo?

Our solutions for the Naval industry:

Tailor-made saddles take strength into account


Loading a submarine has to be performed with great precision. The shape and depth of the submarine means that it cannot sail over upright saddles. For such operations, RollDock designs tailor-made saddle arrangements. The submarine sails into the hold of the RollDock vessel, after various manoeuvres the submarine is positioned into the correct docking location and docked. The saddles are designed to take into account the strengths of both the submarine and the RollDock vessel.

Precise plan for three in one voyage

Stan Petrol Vessels

Transporting one floating object is already a challenge, but for the Jamaican navy, RollDock has transported three Stan Patrol Vessels in one voyage. When loading only one or two ships, we could use the dock wall of the hold. But when transporting three ships, also the other dock wall had to be used. RollDock had to come up with a very precise plan for a Float-In operation, taking into account the exposed location of the propeller shafts which were below the lowest point of the keel.

Deviating V-shaped hull made it a challenge

Fast Missile Craft

RollDock executed the transport of two Fast Missile Craft from the United States to Egypt. The calculations for this Float-In / Float-Out operation had to be carried out entirely according to the strict rules of the US navy. Because of the engineering ability of RollDock this could easily be met. What the operation made even more difficult was the deviating V-shape of the hulls. The winning solution offered by RollDock was to place the sea fastening at higher points than usual and to work with a grillage arrangement entirely shaped to the hull.

Damage asks for optimal support


Loading a ship with sizeable damage is a challenge. Often you know too little about the structural strengths of the ship and she might also be heavier, due to possible water ingress. This was the case with one of the corvettes transported by RollDock. To take no risks, our engineers created a construction under the full length of the keel for optimal support. At the vessel’s destination, a small-scale emergency operation was carried out in the hold of the RollDock vessel to make the Float-Out operation easier.