Offshore industry get vessels which are made for the job

Within the offshore market Roll Group provides maritime services directly to our partners executing challenging projects offshore. With a diverse and innovative fleet we ensure to offer the vessels that best suits the job.
Roll Group can be of assistance during the start of a project, the commissioning phase and at the end of a project, the decommissioning phase. Especially our BigRoll Module Carriers are very suitable to supply modules and other large pieces of equipment directly offshore.

Or can assist during the installation of the modules, by using their ballast capacity and the dynamic positioning features. In combination with the flush deck and high ballast capacities, we can load major modules both onshore and offshore.
While the variation in project characteristics offshore is enormous, the services and capabilities Roll Group offers are consistent. We provide the marine transportation services required by our partners in the offshore industry.

Curious about the solutions we can offer to transport your heavy cargo?

Our solutions for the Offshore industry:

Fortunately, RollDock vessels have two cranes…


Sometimes it’s not the cargo’s dimensions which create a challenge, but their weights. This is why RollDock was contracted to transport a 360 tons compensator. The heave compensator is used to compensate the vertical movements of an Offshore Supply Vessel during offshore discharge operations. Due to the weight of the compensator, both cranes on the RollDock vessel were necessary to tandem lift the cargo into the hold.

Designing together results in the best sea fastening

TLS Beams

RollDock was contracted to transport the TLS beams for the prestigious ship of AllSeas, the ‘Pioneering Spirit’. With the TLS beams, the construction vessel is able to decommission large platforms from their offshore base. During eight trips 15 beams were transported, including the inboard and outboard support components. The sea fastening system was designed together with the client with the aim to reduce the amount of welding and to shorten the load- and discharge times. At the discharge port, the unloading space was very narrow. RollDock had to devise alternatives to unload the beams with a length of almost 70 meters. RollDock created a mooring point itself by placing a container on shore with bigbags, sand and rubble.