Power industry may trust on multiple options

The combination of the versatility of the RollDock fleet and the Roll-Lift heavy equipment works out well for the Power industry. Roll Group has undertaken a number of projects in this sector, providing logistical services to transport and deliver items such as transformers and generators by both sea and road.
To make use of the multiple load and discharge methods, Roll Group provides cost and time advantages.

Experience shows that cargo for the Power industry can vary considerably in weight and size. Roll Group offers solutions for every cargo. For example, a very heavy load can be lifted on board by tandem lifting with the vessels cranes or the Roll-Lift equipment. Our engineers design dedicated transport frames for high loads. For smaller cargo, our team always investigate part cargo options.

Curious about the solutions we can offer to transport your heavy cargo?

Our solutions for the Power industry:

Barge intervention made transhipment in China possible

Heat Waste Recovery Unit

RollDock completed a Roll-On / Roll-Off transhipment in China. A high and heavy Waste Heat Recovery Unit was rolled onto a ballastable barge in a small Chinese port, before undertaking a voyage to a port near Shanghai. Once it had arrived, the unit was then rolled from the barge and into the hold of the RollDock vessel. After months of preparation, calculations and two typhoons she finally sailed to her final destination in Saudi Arabia.

Small but heavy


Not every transformer is as big as you should expect. In this case, RollDock is able to show its part cargo abilities. It is possible to make use of all loading and discharge methods to handle part cargo, even when there is already other cargo onboard the RollDock vessel. A cost-effective and smart solution to transport a transformer.