Safe sailings for
River cruisers and Yachts

The semi-submersible aspect of our RollDock vessels makes them extremely suitable for the transport of ships and floating objects, such as river cruises and super yachts. By the designing of tailor-made sea fastening and grillage by our in-house engineering department and the expertise

 of our operational team, Roll Group ensures accurate loading, transport and discharge. The combination with the Roll-On / Roll-Off method can also provide the perfect solution in many cases, like launches of yachts.

Curious about the solutions we can offer to transport your heavy cargo?

Our solutions for the Yachting industry:

River cruiser

Transport over a longer distance

River cruise vessels are ideal for sailing on rivers, but not suitable for longer distances in open waters. When transporting a newly built cruise ship with a length of 110 meters, the vessel conveniently fitted into the hold of the RollDock vessel. The commonly used braces at RollDock (so-called ‘A-frames’) are used to secure the cargo sideways. When securing the vessel in longitudinal direction, straps were used instead of lashing chains to prevent damage to the cruise ship.

Super Yacht

A safe launch

A brand-new superyacht lifted into the water? Tricky business according the yard. That is why the yacht was rolled on board the RollDock vessel by SPMTs, after which it was launched a few miles from the coast by a Float-Out operation. Due to the use of SPMTs the RollDock vessel had to submerge to the maximum, because of the high position of the yacht. With the help of guide poles, which were completely covered with protective material, the yacht was floated out of the vessel dock accurately and without any damage.