Oil & Gas market
requires experience


The Oil & Gas market is characterized by large-scale projects, with immense and expensive modules. Since fabrication yards and job sites are often far apart, reliable transport is of great importance.

Roll Group has extensive experience in this field. Coupled with our engineering ability, proactive approach to the SHEQ aspects and state-of-the-art asset base enables us to offer safe, efficient and

cost effective sea transport, lifting, transportation and installation solutions for critical items of process plant and the necessary equipment.
By combining the strengths of RollDock, BigRoll and Roll-Lift, we offer a flexible engineered and tailored ‘Factory to Foundation’ service, fully adaptable to the needs of our clients at any given location and at any moment of the project.

Curious about the solutions we can offer to transport your heavy cargo?

Our solutions for the Oil & Gas industry:

Perfect example of combining two loading modes

Sphere and pressure vessel

RollDock supported the Gorgon project over four years, performing about 70 voyages in total, taking care of the transportation of a propane and an ethylene tank for example. With a weight of 550 metric tons, the propane storage tank was tandem lifted by the RollDock vessel. The other tank was rolled on board by SPMTs. The destination was the LNG plant development site on Barrow Island (Australia). Due to its location in a Class A nature reserve, strict quarantine rules had to be met. In order to comply with these regulations, RollDock made several adjustments to the vessels, to preserve nature and animals.

Solution needed before installation could start

Elba Island Project

Over the two-year period on the project site, Roll-Lift USA overcame many obstacles to safely and successfully execute all work performed at the Elba Island Project located in Savannah Georgia. The first challenge to overcome was the low weight limit and deteriorating condition of the only access bridge on to the island. This posed a huge problem for the delivery of process/pipe rack modules and heavy plant equipment components. The solution was to barge the modules from the offsite fabrication facility located 10 miles away along the Savannah River to the project site. SPMTs were used to roll the modules on to the barge at the fabrication yard and used again to roll off at the project site. Another issue with the delivery of the cargo were the poor ground conditions at the project roll off location. Roll-Lift designed in house the hefty 85ft RoRo ramps used to bridge over the poor ground and still maintain the capacity required to handle the loads imposed. Over 800 heavy crane lifts were planned and performed over the course of the project, utilizing 7 of Roll-Lift USA’s heavy lift crawler cranes and the aid of 68 lines of SPMTs for the delivery.

The benefits of early engineering involvement


The size and weight of coldboxes can push the envelope. In order to ensure a safe sea transportation, early involvement of RollDock engineers is preferable. They can propose efficient adjustments to the module design, without loss of time and within budget.

Transporting immense modules in extreme conditions

Yamal LNG Project

Taking care of the transport of several large and voluminous modules in extreme conditions. BigRoll Shipping was involved in the Yamal LNG Project, from 2014 till 2017, and made it happen. The project has chosen a modular construction strategy. This strategy allows pre-fabrication of LNG plant modules in quality controlled and cost effective fabrication locations in the Far East and South East Asia. BigRoll was contracted to transport the LNG Modules, PARs and PAUs from selected fabrication yards in Asia to the LNG plant at Sabetta, Yamal Peninsula, Russia. The scope of work for BigRoll on this project includes marine transportation, provision of ice-classed modulecarrier vessels, a full suite of project management, engineering, operations and health, safety & environmental activities to support the transportation of the LNG modules ranging from 500-7200 ton.

From fabrication yard to job site

Total Ethane Cracker Project

Roll Group transported all 22 modules for the Total Ethane cracker project in the USA, between April and October 2019. The transport covered seven single voyages, using both RollDock and BigRoll vessels. The services and expertise of Roll-Lift also played a part in the completion of the land transport aspects of the project.
The modules for Total’s new cracker were constructed in Hamriyah (UAE). After completion, Roll Group have rolled the modules on board the vessels for transportation to Port Arthur (USA). The ability to load and discharge the majority of the cargo directly from the quay onto our RollDock vessels and vice versa – since the RollDock vessels have a limited draft – was one of the reasons our client awarded the contract to Roll Group.
Due to the size of the modules, the BigRoll Module Carriers were utilized on two voyages. After unloading the BigRoll vessels in Beaumont, the intermediate transport to Port Arthur was arranged by Roll-Lift.